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Bit Che

Quickly detect all kinds of fake MP3s from file sharing networks.

ZDNet News: Getting even with file-swappers

If you have have ever downloaded an mp3 from a file sharing network, such as Kazaa, Grokster, Morpheous, etc, and have played the file only to hear screeching audio, then MP3 Checker is for you. There are several companies working for the RIAA that use high-tech tools to flood the file sharing networks with fake mp3s. Finally there is an easy to use tool with advanced capabilities to detect and delete the corrupted MP3s, before they are even finished downloading! Help us clean up the file sharing networks!

What is MP3 Checker?

MP3 Checker is an easy to use tool that quickly scans MP3s for any type of corruption.

How does MP3 Checker work?

MP3 Checker uses 3 independent methods to detect all kinds of different fake mp3s:

Scan Method: Detects:
1- MPEG Header Frames verification corrupted MP3s
2- Reads audio data using rule based checking fake MP3s
3- Cross reference for repeated mpeg audio frames repeated or looped mp3s

What makes MP3 Checker so special?

  • Super quick scanning, about 1-3 seconds each MP3

  • Able to scan MP3s and .DAT files before they are finished downloading

  • Detects approximate location of the error in the MP3 so you can find the problem

  • Built-in quarantine to separate bad MP3s and preview them later

  • Drag & drop files into the window to quickly scan multiple files

  • Option to ignore minor glitches in the mp3 audio

  • Updates ID3 comment tag to enable quick rescans in the future

  • Advanced MPEG information detection

  • Displays a summary of the scan statistics

  • Live Update for easy future updates

What does MP3 Checker look like?

Checking MP3s Advanced MPEG Infomation

What does MP3 Checker cost?

MP3 Checker is completely free to use. Please feel free to send MP3 Checker to all of your friends. If you would like to donate money to help our cause, please click here.

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1.08 7.22.2006 537 kb Freeware download  more info