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3.5 build 50

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Bit Che is an engine and script language for searching other websites.





3.5 build 50 06.06.2016 2.46 mb Freeware

SHA256: 905bb4d2dc1d5c1598e2ef16462a75937322cf03c6f28b81e77f9a87ae10f173
USA - Convivea.com

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Version Details

3.5 - Build 50 - June 6, 2016
Change Log:
improved: better Unicode support (search with Unicode characters, etc)
improved: new decodetext() function allows better display of Unicode results
improved: tracker & magnet error handling
new: script engine added several functions: decodetext, url8decode, url8encode, uft8_hex
new: script engine added HTTP Headers variable, @headers
fixed: script engine #comment line bug
fixed: many bug fixes and general improvements

3.5 - Build 36 - May 28, 2016
Change Log:
fixed: HTTP Proxy Authentication
fixed: several other minor bug fixes and general improvements
script engine: allows modification of $morepages variable to better handle multiple pages
script engine: improved multipage info display

3.5 - Build 30 - November 7, 2015
Change Log:
fixed: torrent URL missing if 404 on Torrent Details
fixed: #comment fix for script engine lines
improved: do not use SSL if TLS is available
fixed: search box redraw after min/max on Windows 10
fixed: die button/function stops further morepage requests

script engine: new: added function setcookie (sName, sValue)
improved: array function now can pull from @r if @q is not needed
fixed: script engine: 'find' bug with daisychained search terms

3.5 - Build 26 - June 6, 2015
Change Log:
new: compatible with Windows 10
improved: Enabled TLS v1.2 for HTTPS connections
improved: auto URL correction logic
improved: HTMLDecode() function for script engine (catches all &# chars)
improved: updated msgbox to new notify window for login errors
fixed: search box draw issue
fixed: doubleclick script list toggle issue
fixed: support for CloudFlare protected sites

3.5 - Build 18 - February 21, 2015
Change Log:
new: Script Groups for better organization, requires Plus (thanks ID101)
new: login#= for custom login URL when using a Mirror (available if Site requires a custom URL not related to @Home)
new: Script Mirror Checker (via protected menu, open and close Debugger, and requires Plus) (thanks Bovski)
new: simple http file type detection for basic support for fetching non-torrent files (thanks Bovski)
improved: proper support for Synology NAS (thanks joecodino and jcpamart)
improved: Unicode searches supported (excluding Wine)
improved: better Unicode support for GUI
improved: Unicode script files supported (UTF-16 only, thanks CuF)
improved: shows script errror status on script list (thanks Bovski)
improved: search tab size auto adjusts to content (thanks FantomX)
improved: better status messages for saving/processing torrents
improved: better proxy support (thanks Bovski)
improved: better URL handling for Home/Profile (thanks CuF)
improved: adjusted UI width for search history (thanks AnthonyB)
improved: moved 'Update Scripts' under 'Script Pack' menu
fixed: several bugs with multi-pages, only using added results, ignoring auto filtered results, max results bug (thanks CuF)
fixed: bug with Script Pack Update reporting (thanks Bovski)
fixed: no more double window refresh when loading torrent views
fixed: 'Open With' menu via the Torrent Details dialog now works
fixed: bug with search tab incorrect width (thanks FantomX)
fixed: bug with opening same torrent details more than once with multiple Torret Detail windows
fixed: bug with after stopping current search, using debugger, and 'Open With' using code sections
fixed: http redirect issue (uses win32 api now)
fixed: properly shows option checkmark when log directory exists and is logging.
fixed: missing icon resource from executable
fixed: minor improvements Coffee Cup dialog
fixed: automatic conversion of size reported in bytes
fixed: Wine environment improvements (thanks sheepdestroyer)
fixed: bug with tab resizing/overlapping (thanks MartinElk)
fixed: misc other bugs

Script Engine:
new: htmldecode() script function to covert &#html; chars to strings
new: notify() function for popup notifications (see Synology script)
new: mergeurl() function to better support combinging domains and pages
improved: debugger engine improvements, unicode support, run button added, multipage info added, #comment line support (thanks CuF and Bovski)
improved: utf8decode function now supports custom code page
fixed: script engine parsing bug (thanks Bovski)

3.0 - Build 10 - August 16, 2014
new: able to fetch results from searches with multiple pages (requires Bit Che Plus and scripts to be updated, and setting ENABLED in Preferences)
new: allows sending torrents/magnets to external applications or servers (Synology, uTorrent Remote, Trans. Remote GUI, etc) - thanks skywalka & regi100
new: support for RSS (through custom scripts) built into Coffee Cups. See the example script in %appdir%\scripts\other\coffee\ (if you want to use ShowRSS.info, Personal then edit your User_ID).
new: export results list to .CSV file - thanks rgrun1
new: script engine function 'resubmit' to allow url resubmitting/redirection/forwarding
new: added option to auto scrape torrent on (View Torret Details dialog)
new: create Magnet link for torrent (now under 'More' button) (View Torret Details dialog)
new: disable and/or hide scripts you do not want on your script list

improved: added languages, coffee scripts, and external scripts to the default pack
improved: added flag to freeze scripts to prevent updating (and override to force)
improved: 'Save Torrent', 'Open Torrent', and 'Open Torrent With' actions from results list now support multi code sections to fetch torrent/magnet (as 'View Torrent' dialog does)
improved: supports http redirection to a magnet link while fetching url
improved: does not fetch torrent again if already loaded for 'View Torrent' dialog (duh! reduces bandwidth and speeds up torrent launching)
improved: modified size filters to be more practical
improved: added 3 more result context menu actions - open with external, copy result name to clipboard, and launch google search
improved: results list mouse middle click now supports new context menu options
improved: allows search request to use POST
improved: profile editor reworked - thanks Bovski
improved: support for Basic HTTP Authentication for login sites
improved: added a new script header flag "initialize=1" which will trigger the code section labeled [initialize] to be processed before beginning the search.
improved: allows the ability to modify any of the search variables, including new @search, @profile and also use the read-only $descriptions (1 if turned on and 0 if turned off).
improved: some language translation widths and heights based on feedback from gojko and Exoskeletor (thanks guys!)
improved: added 'cookie' and 'referer' support for cache sites
improved: torrent scrape error detection

fixed: torrent hash parsing/calc (finally fixed bencoding issue)
fixed: torrent scrape for private sites
fixed: 'Locate' button in the script debugger for 'find() and extract()'
fixed: urlencode function and properly urlencode the @search
fixed: properly ignores scripts without given profile search url (even if set with '/') - thanks bovski
fixed: allows search profiles set with '/' to use main search profile url when manually enabled - thanks bovski
fixed: fetching URLs prefixed with '//' to use HTTP or HTTPs protocol based on referer
fixed: HTTP authentication error (bug in winhttp - seen on Windows 8.1)
fixed: cookies lost on redirection request (seen on Windows 8.1)
fixed: not detecting certain .torrent handlers applications - thanks BugMagnet
fixed: search with forced 'referer' for login sites
fixed: other minor bugs

2.0 - Build 60 - April 10, 2013
-new: code signed to prevent Windows and A/V false warning messages
-new: full installer allows for one step install on Wine (Mac OSX and Ubuntu tested)
-new: new script engine functions (ucase and lcase)
-improved: translation support for GUI and updated English.ini
-improved: support for Wine environments and handling torrents
-improved: file size filters tweaked (thanks Vitruviux)
-fixed: script engine bug with "|" characters (thanks CuF)
-fixed: disabling private scripts after login failure
-fixed: wrong tab displayed after launching with sticky tabs
-fixed: memory leak issue with tabs refreshing (thanks MartinElk)
-fixed: connections with SSL certificate errors (thanks CuF)
-fixed: Coffee Cups gui behaves strangely (thanks Bovski)
-fixed: search issue with scripts using Special Login (thanks Kepis)
-fixed: Special Login cookie handler for Win XP (thanks Kepis)
-fixed: 'remove exact' and 'similar matches' working (thanks CuF)
-fixed: bug fixes, GUI tweaks, and improvements

2.0 - Build 48 - February 12, 2013
fixed: http proxy support. can use with Tor (with Privoxy or Polipo) and/or HTTP Proxies.
fixed: script engine ELSEIF bug after IF with 2 test conditions (if x test AND y test).
fixed: allows deleting $cookie by setting to blank string.
improved: adjusted GUI dimensions for improved script list.

2.0 - Build 46 - February 6, 2013
fixed: bug with non-english Windows

2.0 - Build 45 - February 3, 2013
(changes since 2.0 Build 35):

fixed: bug fixes (cookies, login handling), added improved log file support, and exposed individual result 'referer' and 'cookies' in case sites require strict checks.
fixed: minor fixes for script debugger (display only)
fixed: work around for Special login cookie steal from HTTPS sites -- thanks CuF
fixed: possible redirect 301 'referer' correction -- thanks CuF
fixed: 'Torrent Details' not loading with multiple code2 links and single 'Torrent Details' window
fixed: minor script debugger display error fix
fixed: Hash incorrectly calculated for some .torrents and magnet links (base32 conversion)
fixed: scrape functionality for some trackers
fixed: POST http request support for file fetches
fixed: IF THEN logic bug (skipped a IF THEN section after using 'LOOP' function) (thanks CuF)
fixed: suppressed java error messagebox using Special Login (thanks CuF)
fixed: URL opening double with Chrome (thanks Exoskeletor)
fixed: critical internal param handling and cookie bug
fixed: script engine [IF THEN ELSEIF and ELSE]
fixed: malformed 'seeders' number reporting (thanks CuF)
improved: stability tweaks
improved: language translations support and form sizes (thanks Exoskeletor)
added: Debugger [IF THEN ELSEIF and ELSE] support (able to step through and back, plus improved display)
added: right click on Results columns to select/unselect columns to be hidden (thanks sunstrip)
added: new option to add Script Packs via bc://scriptpack?name=Name&update=URL for one-click installation
added: prelogin now able to execute code0 script section and manipulate $form and $loginurl prior to 'login' -- thanks CuF
added: $seeds and $leeches are pushed to the 'Torrent Details' windows and both can be changed in code2 sections -- thanks CuF
added: script function improvement: array(@q,#1,#2) where #2 is added to #1.. both #1 can be variables as expected. -- thanks Bovski
added: access and modify http request REFERER to Script engine for individual results

2.0.35 - Nov 27, 2012
major changes since 1.0:

added: Full support for Windows 7, Windows 8, MacOSX and Ubuntu (Wine)
added: Rewritten Script Engine -- more powerful and easier to use
added: Supports Secure HTTP/SSL
added: Supports gunzip compression
added: Supports proxy connections
added: Supports magnet links and can locate matching torrents
added: Support multiple 'Script Packs' (host your own!)
added: Support multiple mirrors per Script
added: Real-time scraping of trackers for current peers
updated: Redesigned Interface (Windows Themed)
updated: New Script List shows number of results/status per script
updated: New Preferences & Script Pack Update dialogs
updated: Improved Script Debugger
updated: Removed Dependencies and Helper Apps
updated: Many overall code improvements/optimizations.
fixed: Tons of bugs!

1.0.60 - Mar 28, 2008
major changes since build 59:

added: Full support for Windows Vista and Windows 2003
added: All issues with DEP are fixed, all Bit Che components are now able to run on any Windows version (or Linux/MacOSX with Wine emulator)
added: Full Unicode support for language translation and auto detects system language
added: Check for updates now includes both new engine scripts and program updates
added: Search history is saved between sessions
added: Remembers Window size, position, Maximized or Normal, and if Script Bar is visible or hidden
added: Remembers column sizes for maximized or not maximized
added: Ability to specific a specific browser to launch URL pages (open settings.ini, under "options", make a new line "browser_path=" and put the full path to whatever browser you want to use)
added: Command line flag "/portable" to force bit che to use the current directory as the app path
added: Many new scripts added
updated: Faster startup
updated: Reorganized menu options
updated: Improved tab bar
updated: New icons (much prettier when ALT-Tab, etc)
updated: Many overall code improvements/optimizations.
fixed: Should now have fewer false anti-virus reports
fixed: Problem handing cookies that prevented compatibility with some scripts
fixed: Tons of bugs!

1.0.59 - Dec 13, 2006
major changes since build 44:

new: Translated into 8 different languages
new: Search Tabs (Guevara Edition)
new: Media Type searching (Guevara Edition)
new: Morning Coffee Extension (Guevara Edition)
new: Results show torrent seeder/leecher ratio
new: Minimze Bit Che to the system tray
new: Refresh open search tabs at set intervals
new: Added 'filter.txt' to permanently ignore results based on keywords
new: bc:// URL Protocol integration with Browser Plugins / uTorrent
new: Added command line support for launching searches
new: Torrent Details can sort columns by filename or file size
new: 'Sticky Tabs' allowing you to save/load searches between sessions
new: Basic file size filtering (uses either "-size>X" or "-size new: Torrent Details shows creation date and the client name.
new: Added option to automatically check for updates.
updated: many overall code improvements/optimizations.
fixed: tons of bugs!

1.0.44 - Oct 10, 2006

1. Core Improved: Increased the winsock threads count from 20 to 30 (able to process more scripts at once).
2. GUI Improved: Torrent Details window has had some slight cosmetic improvements and is now resizable (thanks tuckeratlarge @ neowin.net).
3. GUI Improved: Results list is not 'updated' if new torrent are not added.
4. GUI Improved: Basic stats are now shown in the status bar upon startup.
5. GUI Improved: Corrected 2 small typo's in message boxes.

1.0.43 - Oct 7, 2006 (new since 1.0.39)

1. Core Improved: Now possible to Multiple Select torrents for viewing details/downloading/saving, etc
2. Core Improved: Added support for "-keyword" filters for removing results.
3. Core Improved: Compatible with sites requiring HTTP POST headers for queries.
4. Core Improved: Added new 'debug' script processor. See the Forums for script development help.
5. Core Improved: Minor tweaks to the script processor. Functions '&' and 'e' are more useful.
6. Core Fix: Updating scripts will no longer enable or disable a script. This can only be done manually.
7. GUI Improved: Bit Che now stores the last 10 searches to a drop down list.
8. GUI Improved: Password manager now a little more user friendly and encrypts passwords.
9. GUI Improved: Added a donation button Smiley (join the forums to remove this button).
10. GUI Improved: Menu option added to open Torrent Details in different windows or use a single one.
11. GUI Updated: Corrected context menu naming scheme (torrent details/open page)
12. GUI Updated: Replaced bit_che.exe icons with higher resolution 'che' logo.
13. Bug Fix: Pressing STOP in a search no longer prevents viewing of torrent details.
14. Bug Fix: Context menu for the script list is now working properly.
15. Bug Fix: "Open Website" now launches the proper web page (editable in the script .ini).

1.0.39 - Sep 14, 2006 (new since 1.0.37)
1. New UI: scripts are now displayed in a 'sidebar' and groups member sites away from public sites (right click a script for extra options menu)
2. Updated UI: made a few tweaks to the user interface such as new 'che' graphic created by savaden (thanks!)
3. Bug Fix: added compatibility with Windows 2003.
4. Bug Fix: Auto Removal of Strict Matches (duplicates) now works again
5. Bug Fix: Torrent Details window does not re-appear if you close it before its loaded (or if you load a different torrent)
6. Bug Fix: file size with KB's are now properly formatted and sorted
7. Bug Fix: several other small bugs
8. Core Improved: Enhanced member login support and better error handling/error messages
9. Core Improved: Added *beta* support for sites that require picture validation upon logon (oink.me.uk)
10. Core Improved: Passwords are now ****'d
11. Core Improved: Added 'Stop' button functionality to stop a search
12. Logistics Improved: Bit Che and the installer are now aware of each other, as well as multiple instances of Bit Che

1.0.37 - Sep 3, 2006
1. Fixed member account login bug

1.0.36 - Sep 2, 2006 (new since 1.0.33)
1. Re-wrote Bit Che to use external scripts for sites.
2. Added script updater feature for downloading the latest scripts.
3. Added basic support for member based sites.
4. Added option to cap the results to 50 per source searched.
5. Added CNTRL and SHIFT switchers for when selecting different Scripts. Holding down CNTRL while selecting a script will select only that script. Holding SHIFT will select ALL scripts.
6. Fixed file size sorting issues.

1.0.33 - Aug 24, 2006 (new since 1.0.30)
1. Added Strict duplicate matching removal option
2. Automatically filters results using Strict Matches (reduces duplicate results from different sites. while it is very fast, you can easily disable this feature)
3. Fixed several sites parsing scripts
4. Displays the reason for being filtered on the Removed Results page

1.0.30 - June 20, 2006
1. Added 2 new sites
2. Improved speed and accuracy of the duplicate result checker.
3. Please visit the forums to report bugs/issues.

1.0.29 - June 19, 2006
1. Added basic duplicate checking based on torrent name and file size.
2. Added 2 hotkeys: "F5" - check for duplicates "F6" - view removed results.
3. Search results are sorted by #of Seeds by default.

1.0.28 - June 19, 2006
1. Fixed a redirection bug with the torrent downloader.
2. Settings are now saved from session to session.

1.0.27 - June 19, 2006
1. Optimized and speed tweaked search result parsing.

1.0.26 - June 18, 2006
1. Add option to copy URL to clipboard.
2. Add option to open torrent with default program (removed Internet Explorer dependency).
3. Add 'Save Torrent As..' short cut to menu..
4. Fixed the incorrect sorting of file sizes.
5. Added option to view the removed/filtered results.
6. Statusbar shows progress of all sites being searched.. ( "." idle "-" connecting "+" searching/processing)

1.0 build 25

Updated: improved search results filtering

1.0 build 24

New: added button to view source page
New: option to disable description searches
New: torrent comment preview
Fixed: updated several sites html parsing

1.0 build 11

Initial public release