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Subliminal Messages or Stimuli
« on: January 12, 2013, 10:02:46 am »
Howdy all,

There is something that is related to the media we all use needing to be aware of at least in the United States that it is illegal to use Subliminal messages in advertising products also it is "ONLY" a deceptive practice to use this tactic on one without their knowledge of it and is an invasion of privacy at the very least. There are numerous legislation's that prohibit advertisers from using subliminal messages in their ads. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Act Sec 5 – “prohibits unfair or deceptive acts or practices in interstate commerce.”The TV Code of the National Association of Broadcasters (IV, 14) states: “Any technique whereby an attempt is made to convey information to the viewer by transmitting messages below the threshold of normal awareness is not permitted.” The most potentially effective regulation is made by the U.S. Treasury Department, Division of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). It states: Subliminals are inherently deceptive because the consumer does not perceive them at a normal level of awareness, and thus is given no choice whether to accept or reject the message, as is the case with normal advertising. ATF holds that this type of advertising technique is false and deceptive, and is prohibited by law .

When researching the existing United States laws on using "Subliminal Stimuli" [ ] The present laws for subliminal messages or stimuli are basically originally set up for "sales" of products when this technique was used years past in movies prior to the end, flashing images to boost sales at the concession stand for soda, pop corn, hot dogs, hamburgers, candy, cigarettes (ATF), alcohol (ATF) and was "SO" effective they banned it's use for product sales.

What we have now has absolutely no laws of protection on non-commence ideological ideas or beliefs added subliminal messages or stimuli flashing images of bloody hands, dead children, people in poverty, prominent people in compromising positions with weapons or covered in blood, as examples.

My problem is not so much the American public, manufactures, groups and organizations but protecting us "FROM" the US Government, political parties and labor unions. As I mentioned before Just the thought of going to a political rally with back ground music and a big screen TV video playing with a honey pot of subliminal messages or stimuli to subconsciously influence you and everyone else should make one pause.

My goal is to totally "BAN" all subliminal messages or stimuli everywhere in a LIVE or RECORDED setting and just not for SALES of products but for everything. The debate on how it could or can be done is in all the American citizens interest because it's a deceptive practice to use this tactic on one without their knowledge of it and is an invasion of privacy.

I guess in some way you could call this a new government regulation but how to regulate the US Government for our protection is another subject. I do like your idea on some software that can be used to help find these in recorded media, but "LIVE" events or rally's with music and videos playing is something else.

Just remember subliminal messages or stimuli laws appear not to have been changed since 1985 and as a example the MUSIC and VIDEO game industry is wide open with "NO" regulations at all, not one. There isn't really any punishment for those whom use subliminal messages or stimuli either.

So what I've done is made a official petition at the "White House" for all United States citizens, public consideration and approval, others may feel to do the same in their countries too.

We Petition the Obama Administration to:

To expand and consolidate the ban of subliminal messages or stimuli from the existing laws

To expand and consolidate the ban of subliminal messages or stimuli a technique whereby an attempt is made to convey information to the viewer or listener by transmitting messages below the threshold of normal awareness, from the existing laws to include all product goods and service advertizing commerce plus non-commerce views and beliefs of Personal, Governmental, Political, Environmental, Labor Forces, Manufacturing, Groups and Organizational subject matter.

This ban expansion to include all visual and audio media types and outlets such as TV, CATV, Satellite, Radio, Internet formats such as YouTube type videos, Streaming Broadcasts and Down-loadable Media.

The law should make subliminal messages or stimuli more than a deceptive practice and is an invasion of privacy.

Created: Jan 12, 2013
Issues: Civil Rights and Liberties, Consumer Protections, Human Rights  ( Petition "link" )

Thank you,
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Re: Subliminal Messages or Stimuli
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2013, 07:27:03 pm »
Howdy everyone,

Here is a excellent YouTube video of related subject matter

Illuminati Subliminals or Ancient Archetypes ? - 'Symbolism in Logos' HD

The use and research of the earliest studies of subliminal stimulation were by Poetzl (1917) and later by Fisher (1954), who exposed individuals to visual stimuli that were below the level of perceptual awareness. The techniques because of the advancement in electronic components to produce these subliminal messages or stimuli productions has drastically improved. The work I did years ago in several videos had very compelling results especially from one that was a popular movie, modified with hundreds of images imbedded of toilets and urinals, the results were outstanding. The topic is very subjective so here is a host of "links" of the pros and cons of research related to subliminal stimulation to which most is older but being aware that a lot has been unfortunately restricted or omitted from search engine results. The push from several groups and organizations on the sounds and words are protected by the First Amendment has been a stumbling block for enforcement on a complete ban on subliminal messages or stimuli.

CIA Government - The Operational Potential of Subliminal Perception

Carlisle Army Military - The mind has no firewall

Ohio State University - Subliminal conditioning of attitudes

Public Relations Quarterly - How a publicity blitz created the myth of subliminal advertising

Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis - Is there an effect of subliminal messages in music on choice behavior

Google Books - The power of the subliminal: On subliminal persuasion and other potential applications

Google Books - Do subliminal stimuli enter the mind unnoticed? Tests with a new method

Google Books - Subliminal priming and persuasion: How motivation affects the activation of goals and the persuasiveness of messages

Google Books - Consciousness, learning and interlanguage pragmatics

Journal of Marketing - Subliminal Advertising: What You See Is What You Get

Journal of Marketing - The Effects of Stimulation on Drive Level and Brand Preference

Journal of Advertizing - Subliminal Messages: Changes for the Better?

Journal of Advertizing - Subliminal stimulation: Some new data and interpretation

Journal of Consumer Research -Losing consciousness: Automatic influences on consumer judgment, behavior, and motivation

Journal of Advertising - Effect of archetypal embeds on feelings: An indirect route to affecting attitudes?

Committee for Skeptical Inquiry - Subliminal perception: Facts and fallacies

Oxford Journal Public Opinion Quarterly - A televised test of subliminal persuasion

Ammons Scientific - Subliminal psycho dynamic activation: Mommy and I are not yet one

First Amendment Dialogue and Subliminal Messages

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