Author Topic: FEATURE REQUEST: Formatting for Script Groups and only Uppercase Alphabets?  (Read 5381 times)

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First, I've been testing the new beta build and I noticed that the "script groups" are grey in color, which actually look quite dull to me.
See here,

In my opinion, the groups should stand out and should be bold or underlined. A background color may also be good.
For example, this is a suggestion but it could be made better,

Also, a "SPACE" or "BLANK LINE" or a "SEPARATOR" of some sort  before the GROUP can help with differentiating the group from previous sites.
For example, Like this,

Secondly, I noticed that whatever you write in group name, it always shows as uppercase alphabets. I request that it should also be allowed to show lowercase alphabets as well because everybody doesn't like uppercase characters.
If this is implemented, the user can choose to display uppercase or lowercase alphabets when he wants.

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thanks, I've reset so user can edit the Font Case... and I've added a blank space between groups, and playing with the color/bold font for the Group header.    regardless, thanks for the feedback because I agree the little tweaks make an improvement.

edit:  i got all of your suggestions taken into account. looks great now :)
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