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« on: December 14, 2006, 04:07:11 pm »
Here's my script for


Code: [Select]
a=h(x,d,<a href=)
r=split(d,<td class="desc-top">)




2=x(n,a,:, |)


Does Bit Che have problems dealing with UTF-8? Because when it downloads the Tokyotosho search page which uses UTF-8, there are lots of characters that should be periods but instead are weird characters. By the way, does Bit Che have Unicode support?

There's also a problem with the debugger... Try my script with the search "X2 Shouko". In the debugger, the "r" variable has 0 items and the "q" variable has 2 items (when my code needs 3) and magically the script still works and gives out a result. And the torrent link that is stored in the variable "7" is correct but Bit Che won't download it or let me see what files are in it...

BTW, some suggestions: how about having real descriptive names for those functions with only one character.... What the hell is "x", "h", "i", "c"????? And how about being able to have variables which are longer than one character!!! It's really hard to work with "a", "b", "c", "d"!!!! And a commenting system would also help.

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Re: script
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2006, 04:42:17 pm »
hey thank you for your script!  i looked at what you were talking about and realized it was kinda of tricky to solve the 'html' formatting problems into a structure that Bit Che can decipher, but I got it working.. 

I really want to give you comments on the lines to explain the changes I made, but I am swamped right now with some other things, so hopefully you can take a look at it for now, and within a day or so I can provide some more comments..

also, I think im going to change the x( one letter function names to something more relevant so that its not so confusing..

Bit Che supports limited UniCode characters, (as far as translating the program) but I dont think it supports UniCode for the results list (yet)..
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Re: script
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2006, 05:23:25 pm »
That works really well... That's a really smart way of dealing with the code, by adding stuff to it. :)

Oh yeah, when I was talking about a "commenting system", I was talking about having a way to leave comments in the code. Something along the lines of using a special character like "%". That would work really well for new people who would want to glance at code to see what it does.

So does Bit Che download this search page correctly (link)? When I look in the debugger there are lots of messed up characters and even the periods (seen correctly in Firefox) aren't periods in the debugger. I see stuff like ".​zip" instead of ".zip".

And why can't Bit Che deal with a torrent link like this: (here) which was found using the search terms "x2 shouko". It can't download it or view the file contents.

Could you also implement multi-length names for variables too? Please!!! And if you could also implement Unicode that would be awesome.
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