Author Topic: Zune 80gb - the 2nd Generation, will be released Nov 13th!  (Read 4129 times)

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Zune 80gb - the 2nd Generation, will be released Nov 13th!
« on: October 30, 2007, 01:15:39 pm »
Zune 80 is going to be one sweet music/video player for those of us looking for a large capacity device and a decent screen for videos.

My Zune 30 was pretty slick (proof: it was stolen) but the Zune definitely needed upgrades to the software and the hardware. After reading tons of different websites and reports about the new Zune 80, I am SO excited to get my hands on one! They look simply amazing and so is the feature list.

If you haven't caught on about it yet, here are some highlights I have gathered around the web about the device (currently #1 on CNet's Most Wanted List).

hardware / features:

-Touch 'squircle' control pad. swipe or click with a 4 way directional button control (according to reviews, its VERY cool). Scrolling or browsing through your library is FAST and very simple.

-Screen: 3.2 in with new glass scratch resistant face and large enough to actually enjoy watching videos/TV shows

-80gb harddrive, finally a larger size for holding my music AND some videos

-30 hrs of battery life for playing audio, 4-5 for video

-Podcast support (audio AND video)

-Wireless sync to your computer (auto load Podcasts, videos, etc when you walk in your home, or if your Zune isnt plugged into your computer)

-Sharing songs or videos, or podcasts are limited to 3 plays instead of 3 days OR 3 plays

-New Zune Market Place will feature over 1 million DRM-Free MP3s (completely clean and free of any watermarks)

-Video:  DVD quality TV out at 640 x 480 with support for playing videos of up to 720×480 at 30fps, or 720×576 at 25fps .

Here is a link to some leaked documents showing the completely re-written Zune pc software (its no longer based on WMP11):

Side by side comparisson to the iPod 80 gb:

oh. and other than the obvious hardware differences, all of the software upgrades and features will be included with a new firmware for the old Zune 30, which is very very cool of Microsoft to do. Its nice to know that if I still had a first gen Zune 30gb, then that would be upgraded as well.

What do you guys think? Anyone else excited to get one?
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Re: Zune 80gb - the 2nd Generation, will be released Nov 13th!
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2007, 01:22:17 pm »
If this had come out a little sooner I would have gotten it. I just couldn't wait though, and I'm pretty happy with my 60 GB Zen Video from Creative. It gives me tons of freedom, the interface looks pretty, and it's fast.

The only downside is it's a little on the thick side, but we're guys, we have big pockets anyway.