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Best Media Player?

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I would like to know what the best media player is according to the Convivea community.

It needs to:

* Have good library organization.
* Low memory usage
* Work on vista
* Good sound quality
* Can't be iTunes, Windows Media Player or Fubar
Thanks ahead of time.

Not sure if this will help at all but, I very often use a media center because I have a tv card.
I know you said "Media Player" is out, have you used Vista Media Center at all? It uses it's own media player (tho very similar)
and it's library is decent (tho not the best).

I used to use SageTV which is another media center. It is always being developed and there are countless modifications
you can use, many you can find at their forums. The downside is, you do have to pay for it tho there is a crack for some versions ;)

Other than that, I sometimes use VLC or portable BlazeHDTV.
I have heard good things about J.River Media Center... didn't work great with my tv card tho.

I will definitely check those out. I do have Vista, so I may check out the media center. I never really gave it the chance. VLC I only use for movies.

Thanks for the help.

I guess when I think "media center" I am thinking primarily videos... and thinking in that direction, I made that post.
Reading your reply makes me think you are leaning towards audio... in which case I think the best out of the ones
I mentioned is likely J.River media center.

The others obviously play audio but are geared towards video.

In any case, good luck  :)

I know this is an old post but if you're dealing with large quantities of music and you need good library organization, I'd have to recommend Winamp. Media Monkey I also heard is very good.


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