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Bugs & Feature Requests / Re: Bit Che 3.0 - Bug Report
« on: October 05, 2014, 12:25:37 pm »
Here's the problem with reproducible instructions (in build 12)
Hi Chip.

I have got a followup to a bug that I still see on my system (reported in release 10).
(Win 8.1 64 bit, utorrent 1.8.2).

I can reproduce it on my system.

Steps - bit che for "the keep netflix". Sort by name.
There are only 5 matches right now.
Select all 5 links and right-click open torrent - i can see bit che open sub windows , but nothing happens in utorrent.
Deselect the top link (leaving the bottom 4 selected) - and it works.

The top link also fails to download a torrent when chosen on its own.

So it appears that because the first one fails to grab a torrent, all the other selected ones fail too.
FYI the first link appears to be a magnet, but shows in bit che as a torrent. Maybe this is part of the problem.

Bugs & Feature Requests / Re: Bit Che 3.0 - Bug Report
« on: September 01, 2014, 10:26:31 am »
Hi Chip.
Here's a bug report for you in 3.0 build 10.

Highlight a number of torrents/magnets.
Right-click and choose "open torrent..."

Expected behaviour = all torrents downloaded and opened in utorrent
Actual behaviour = only the bottom torrent is downloaded and opened

This has changed since 3.0 build 8

Thanks :-)

Chip - successful test here.
3.08 installer installed fine over my old version, and autoupdated the scripts.
It also re-detected it was plus edition.
Win 8 64 bit.

FYI, the "Thanks To" box in the About page is empty except for "..."s.

More feature requests - Nope. Maybe it's time for an icon change? You could run a competition?

Hey chip.
I have grabbed the new version and will test when I can..

Re the preferences pane, the new font is much better.

BUT you know what, I think it would look better as a tabbed dialog.
With General/Searches/results view/connection as the tab titles.

Here's an example to show what I mean..

I installed the entire contents of the zip to program files x86..

.. I get an "update available" dialog
I clock OK.
And then I get "there was a problem extracting the scripts. please try again later."
Which I OK. I then also have to hit cancel on the "updating scripts" progress window, which is stuck (should probably have auto-cancelled).

I had to delete all files except the main exe to make this go away.
This is probably an artifact of the way you zipped everything, but something to watch out for in the final packaging..

Feedback: in preferences, the "general/searches/results view/connection" left pane text looks really unprofessional IMNSHO.

Future capability: option to add skins. at least the basic window layouts.

Feedback for 2.0b16.
(Freeware edition)

1) I had to OK running the file as it was unsigned.
2) like the previous betas, the "all scripts updated" pops up on top of the window updating the scripts. And it does this while the script update hasn't finished. Which is disconcerting. Maybe they should all be the one dialog?
3) The sort-by seeders in realtime bug is now fixed.
4) Adding a profile doesn't work.
5) What do profiles do? How do you change existing profiles? All I can seem to do is delete them.

Thanks Chip :-)

Hey Chip..
I've found the solution for Win7-32 (on my laptop anyway). Don't know what the cause is, probably registry.

Once I installed 1.0b60, the new betas all worked fine.

The laptop I was using had NEVER had Bit Che installed before.

So maybe there's a missing reg key or something.
Also, I did note that there was no %appdata%\Convivea until I installed the old version. This may be relevant too.

Ooh.. new bug.

Having more than one file selected in the search results, and performing "open torrent" only downloads one of the files..

Languages folder deletion has worked to fix the 1234 bug.
For anyone looking for it, its under %appdata%\Convivea
Warning - if you do this, 1.0 build 60 (old stable) will have some issues. Understandably.

Thanks Chip, for an really useful program.

Here's some feedback, Chip.
a) Downloaded & installed on Win7-32 laptop. It would NOT launch. Have checked event viewer & used procmon to try to figure out why, but I can't see anything suspicious. No window pops up at all. Tried downloading twice. Tried changing compatibility settings, nothing. Laptop does have the old stable release on it.  I will play more to see if I can figure out why, but don't have a lot of time.
b) On main machine - Win7-64. Fine. The app launched & downloaded a DLL.  I performed a search, it found nothing. I noticed it had not checked any sites (!). I then *manually* downloaded the script pack & it worked. So that's a bug. On first install, it should download the script pack.
Another bug: The completion dialog after the scripts are updated is "All scripts are updated!12341234". This "feature" exists in the current (old) stable release, too.
Another bug: I have the seeders column clicked to sort by seeders. As it scrapes the results, it does not auto-sort. When it has finished grabbing all results, it does not auto-sort. I had to manually click after the search was over. 3 times ("search descending -> no search -> search ascending -> search descending). ALSO (usability) shouldn't the app default to sort by seeders (descending)? Who wouldn't want this??
Fundamentally, though, the app does work.

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