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P2P - Filesharing / Re: Best Torrent Client
« on: March 20, 2008, 07:25:10 am »
Ok in my opinion utorrent is the best client at the moment. I am a sysop on a torrent site and most other clients can be hacked or you can cheat from them to show a different ratio. This is why you will find that most are banned. The idea of torrenting is to share back what you have taken to the community, and not to steal.
DHT should always be turned off, by this it means it does not open the file to the whole world and keeps the tracker private. you never know who is looking.

Keep it safe...


Hi all,

Come and join us for live chat on IRC. You will need an IRC client such as mIRC before you can join. Once you have downloaded a version and installed it to your pc you may click the link in the top right of the page to join.

If you are new to IRC I would suggest that you use your site Nick. Also I strongly recommend that you register your Nick, this will stop someone else using your user name.

Subject: How to register your Nick
Type /msg nickserv register *password* *email*  Replace *password* with the password you would like and replace *email* with your email.

Once you have done this you must identify your self each time you enter IRC. This can be set up in the client.
Subject: How to identify your Nick
type /msg nickserv identify password

Look forward to chatting to you all soon!


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