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Scripts & Development / yify torrents and pirate proxy fix
« on: October 30, 2014, 11:37:45 pm » is now
added fixed script uses diffenrent url structure for example:
redirects to

Please renew my Guevara - since v3 its disabled

Biggest problem that search engines filters are reset after each script update.
Can you explain more? Maybe we can make it better :)

"Update scripts..." or "Automatically update default script pack" resets check boxes state in Profiles(F2 Show scripts) to their default state:

all in All
default in specific like Audio, Video, Apps, Games
and none in custom
(case of Public Trackers)

This is hell if you like 3 or 5 reliable public trackers and after each update you have to start check/uncheck spree.

Fix: restore Profile/script checkbox status after update.

New scripts suggestion: as genuine and lawful site as only can be, has own tracker. - clean site, genuine, has own tracker.

About new stuff and new features TF mentioned chrome extension for TV series search:
In terms of esthetics it's impressive to say at least.

Bovski we were discussing reliability of the sources. In my opinion we should remove support for unreliable and not worthy sources as: any bs keyword returns results rerurns results on any search, pick up any string and it will return torrent for it lies about peers numbers, offers many dead torrents, generally useless.

Not for removal but also worth mentioning: returns fake amount of seeds/peers returns fake amount of seeds/peers

Biggest problem that search engines filters are reset after each script update.

34 From Zero to the 8th Biggest Torrent Site in Just 2 Months

Seems to be legit(not a RIAA or NSA honeypot), so it's worth a script.

TPB moved to gy domain.

updated script in attachment below(copy/overwrite to %username%\AppData\Roaming\Convivea\Bit_Che\2\scripts\default)

gy domain suspended.

There is no point in playing Whackamole with Pirate Bay Domains we have plenty of Proxies in the script.
Since it is getting even more ridiculous I think you are right:

now it is BACK in .SE domain

Updated cache.ini file file with (copy/overwrite to %username%\AppData\Roaming\Convivea\Bit_Che\2\scripts\)

TPB moved to gy domain.

updated script in attachment below(copy/overwrite to %username%\AppData\Roaming\Convivea\Bit_Che\2\scripts\default)

Edit .gy domain just got blocked
Attached file removed.

Really It's working here.
It grabs the torrents from they had a delay and a redirect I just parsed the page with [code2] and grabbed the URL from the meta refresh.
open source page part returns Error Bad ID!

public hd should be working now. It had a wait timer that was messing with Bit Che so did a second grab.
rarbg fixed update your scripts.
piratebay uses magnet links something that bitche doesn't seem to handle properly it gets a torrent from a cache so something for chip to look at.

Thank you for the fixes Bovski you're the man.
PublicHD can't redirect to releases returns Error Bad ID!.  Forgot to mention this before your update.

I got one request - please add comment inside of scrips ([script] section)if they re somehow different
to sum it up.

I seem to have problems with numerous of sites:

public hd - just list files, do not download
rarbg - just list files, do not download @ rarbg i think it always was like this
piratebay adds different trackers if magnet is opened from bitche and different if to click them on site

can anyone confirm it?

source of information (reason for modification):

I just updated script for new domain (changed domain suffix from .com to .eu).

remove script:
h33t.ini (
add replacement script:
h33tEU.ini (

Thanks ID101 it's now in the update.

Looks like the new domain is now down
16 October 2013 04:00GMT
Congratz you have found our new .to domain.
The h33t tracker is offline. I need to do some work to get it working.
I am holding h33t offline until the latest DNS update is fully propagated, she will be back within 48 hours.
Thank you for your patience,

We will see if it'll  go up or sink

That makes me about as comfortable as
There's never any telling whether these things are honeypots or not.
$110 million is a lot of money to be on the hook for.  There is no telling what Gary Fung might have agreed to.

Anyway isohunt script should be removed for now. And comments below TF article are same as yours, also that's why posted link to article.

isohunt.ini (

PS: please fuel me a bit with karma.

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