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Offbeat Relish / Re: Just want to say Hi.
« Last post by Gastomo on Yesterday at 06:16:13 pm »
Я все еще делаю много вещей. Ну не достаточно хорошо, я хочу мнение каждого.
Bit Che - Info & Updates / Re: help
« Last post by Gastomo on Yesterday at 06:15:59 pm »
Вы - мой помощник, я хочу поблагодарить вас за то, что поделились со мной.
I'm using DaVinci Resolve 16. If i shoot in 4K and edit within a 1080p timeline, will the stabilization work better than it would be if i were to edit in a 4K timeline? I would think that when the stabilizer crops into a 4K image when the timeline is 1080p, you should retain more sharpness and detail. I intend to deliver the final product in 1080p.

This is probably a really basic question, but I shot a bunch of footage at 4K 60fps, and as soon as I imported it into my 2011 iMac I noticed playback was very choppy and laggy. This was simply trying to watch it in QuickTime.

Is there a solution?

I’ve seen compression as an option, and editing with proxy files, but I’m pretty sure iMovie doesn’t support proxy files.
Bugs & Feature Requests / Best and worst changes from book to show????
« Last post by Ressler on December 09, 2019, 11:10:13 pm »
Undoubtedly done to death but I thought while things were active I would ask.


Jorah Mormont he is creepy as fuck in the books and just not that interesting.

Faegon I am so fucking glad they gave that shit show a miss because I am fairly sure it's going nowhere in the books.

The Sand Snakes I am serious! It would have been better if they had left it out all together but much like Faegon that whole plot must be a diversion and at least they just drove a bus over 'em all in the show.

Bugs & Feature Requests / Is there such thing as a tracker search engine!!!
« Last post by Ressler on December 09, 2019, 11:09:30 pm »
Say you wanna search ALL your trackers for a single file and get results from every tracker you're on

Does such a thing exist or is the technology just not there yet
Music - Movies - TV / Re: Online Radio Type thing
« Last post by arfaliticho on December 06, 2019, 01:59:42 am »
It's kind of cool free if you want to put up with adds & Legal

The radio bit is kind of crap but the search is cool filezilla uc browser rufus.

i guess due to licensing restrictions we are not yet available in your country.
Music - Movies - TV / Re: name of ur 5 best show?
« Last post by arfaliticho on December 06, 2019, 01:57:59 am »
I like to watch
er My name is earl
Xena Warrior Princess
Flash forward
Six feet under
The hills xender discord omegle

Are u like to watch shows?if yes then name of ur 5 favorite shows?

Cobra Kai (YouTube Premium) Season 1. 10 episodes.
Maniac (Netflix) Limited series. 8 episodes.
GLOW (Netflix) Season 2. 10 episodes.
YOU (Lifetime) Season 1. 13 episodes.
The Good Place (NBC) Season 3.
Hi Folks ,i was wondering , y like me , i am not a Donator , But i can not start a Thread , either , what i was going to Suggest ,AND PLEASE Owner(s) and Admins HELP ME ON this One

I do not want to look Like a Cheap loser , or a Beggar ,and ,lol, Please do not think i want Sympathy or Favor

My Ideal, was , Have a New Option On Donations
PLEASE READ and promise you will Mail Me Back I seriously  would Appreciate Feed Back ,
My E-Mail is
OK My Suggestion , for a new Donation , method
,like on next Thursday , i have using BC for a while now it is awesome , and i have the Highest Respect , for the Founds Admins , and all the team
But , would it be Possible To Have a new Option On Donation , IRL, i got separated a little over 1 year after a relationship of 30 years , anyone here ever heard a separation that goes well

Now what i wanted , to Suggest , would be a Cumulative Donation system (or more a new possibility , to make the Donation , with an amount  Example 5 $ , 2 $ , and , DO NOT JUMP to Conclusion , i saw that the donations are from 10 $ and UP (i understand but with the way i 'am asking if it were possible , anyone like me on next Thursday i would make a donation of  EX: 5 $ USD , in 2 weeks 3 $ USD and in another 2 weeks a 3 $ ) that would be a total of the Minimum asked atm, but , i Know i sound like a Welfare and people Judge fast , But IRL, i doing my best and i would be Honored to Be a Donator , and OFC not be recognized Has a donator until I  (WE ) have Given the Minimum of 10 $ Donation (would be a Cumulative Donation System) i (or We if others Follow, Which i am sure there would be a lot more, Following my steps  ) would  have sent the Minimum, Donation to become a Donator , i 'am sure i 'am not he only one in that position , , I know what is 10 USD $ , well atm it';s Milk or Bread,
I Doubt , what i am asking , would Hurt this awesome Group Of Hard Working People , , but for me , it would make all the difference , because once i would Have reach the Min to become a Donator ,I'd be More then Proud to say ,I'm Part Of This Family Group

and if you would Add , this , what i just proposed , what have you got to lose , ? Extra money Income ?

Wish you all well my ip birthday wishes tneb


Hope this will be a reality , and By God , please ,Have a group Discussion , take a few days a week ,to think it over , no rush, no harsh discussion

Will all my Admiration and respect

Long Live Bit Che
i will have the extra 10 $ , and will donate , but  for this Ideal please Keep an Open Mind , a lot would be going for a 5$ ect to start , no VIP till 10 $  donation , I'd bet my Life on it
P2P - Filesharing / Re: 200,000 bittorrent users sued in the US
« Last post by molibinotico on December 06, 2019, 01:41:25 am »
   The avalanche of mass-lawsuits in the United States that target BitTorrent users has reached a new milestone. Since last year, more than 200,000 people have been sued for allegedly sharing copyrighted material online, and this number continues to expand at a rapid pace. Added up, the potential profit from the so-called pay-up-or-else scheme runs into the hundreds of millions of dollars auto clicker word unscrambler jumble solver.

Mass file-sharing lawsuits have been filed all across the United States in recent months, almost exclusively targeting BitTorrent users. Copyright holders have embraced this new revenue stream by the dozen and new lawsuits are being filed every week.

The United States judicial system is currently being overloaded with new cases, and a few days ago the number of targeted Internet subscribers in federal courts broke the 200,000 barrier.

Through these mass lawsuits the copyright holders are trying to obtain the personal details of (mostly) BitTorrent users who allegedly shared their material online. Once this information is handed over, they then offer the defendant the opportunity to settle the case for a few hundred up to a couple of thousand dollars, thereby avoiding a full trial and potentially even bigger financial penalties.

A fairly exhaustive spreadsheet shows that the current number of Does that have been sued since the beginning of 2010 currently stands at 201,828. Nearly all of the defendants are accused of sharing copyrighted files via BitTorrent, and 1,237 allegedly used the eD2k network.

Over the course of the year several cases have been dismissed and settled and the estimated number of defendants who are still at risk lies at 145,417.

Most defendants are being sued in the high profile case brought by the makers of The Hurt Locker. As of May this year this lawsuit targeted 24,583 alleged BitTorrent users, and the first batch of settlement letters have been sent out to the people who pay for the allegedly-infringing Internet connections.

Despite the massive number of defendants, none of the cases have made it into a full jury trial as the copyright holders ask for in their original complaint. This also means that the evidence they claim to hold has not been properly tested.

It is believed that a significant amount of the people who are accused in these cases are not the actual infringer. However, since the copyright holders prefer settlements above full trials and because defendants don’t want to risk a $150,000 fine, the accuracy of the evidence remains a mystery.

What’s very clear is that for the copyright holders, tracking companies and lawyers, the settlement scheme is extremely profitable. If half of the original defendants eventually settle for an average fee of $2,500 they would generate a quarter billion dollars in revenue – from piracy.

In a few moments you can be off and running with unlimited bandwidth, traffic encryption, and the security of knowing that no corporation is keeping logs or records on you.
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