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I'm posting this because I just got done watching The Godfather in one of my film classes. I'd see it before but one of my classmates who hadn't came up to me after and said, "ehhh it just wasn't that good. It made no sense that Michael would marry that girl in Italy so fast. There's no way they were in love based on what they showed"

Out of the entire movie that's what he got out of it.

Another one was after Endgame a friend of mine said, "It was pretty good but I really wish Captain Marvel hadn't cut her hair. That kind of ruined it for me..."

What's the funniest or weirdest reason you've heard for someone not liking a movie?
Computers - Technology / What is slowing down my PC so much?
« Last post by jaisomnmick on January 24, 2020, 02:31:21 am »
Hello, so I got this weird problem with my PC for a very long time and now I try to play and it is even worse. So my problem is that whenever I try playing online game (for example in fortnite), the games gets significantly slower and is really delayed in terms of actions. It feels like my PC cant keep up but my pc specs are fine for that game (i5-6600k, radeon rx 570). My friends have way worse PCs and theirs is fine, their only problem is fps drops, other than that it is fine, smooth. I have recently switched to optic enthernet and it didnt help, so not an internet issue, I also use everything wired and I have nothing in background while playing and my friends with the crappy PC play spotify and bunch of other apps while playing and theirs is fine. Could it be because of my crappy monitor I use? I had 144hz one and it did the same thing on consoles, now I use 60hz one on PC and it is pretty much the same. Btw when I play alone in creative mode it feels fine and pretty responsive. fetlife vshare

Gaming / Best games/platform for couch-coop?
« Last post by ketherin on January 23, 2020, 12:56:05 pm »
I used to play a lot of couch-coop on an xbox360, especially games like halo, call of duty or racing games (but black ops was definitely the best). I've been looking for a console I can play new versions of the games mentioned, or similar in couch-coop (together oder against each other), but it seems like it just doesn't exist anymore the way it used to. Does anyone have good recommendations on new games/platform?
Gaming / No, the PS5 and XSX will not run at 4K with 120Hz.!!!
« Last post by ryantyler on January 22, 2020, 09:25:55 pm »
So Microsoft & Sony are talking big about their new consoles and bringing high refresh rate gaming to their new machines.

This will not happen.

Why? Because Xbox's and PS5's main market are living room consoles. They are connected to TV's, and there are very, very, very few TV's on the market that can output at greater than 60Hz.

To suggest MS & Sony will make a serious effort to support 120Hz as a standard for their games is a little ludicrous. They will make 4K a standard (which I expect to get breached halfway through the generation, set a remind me if you don't believe me) and try to target 60Hz, though 30 will become the baseline once again for the usual 3rd person games etc.fedloan easybib
General Discussion / Have I done something right??????
« Last post by ryantyler on January 22, 2020, 09:15:22 pm »
Basic PC info- 780i Mobo,2x8800GT graphics cards in SLI mode. All Nvidia. etc. Vista Ultimate 64 bit. Q6600 Processor. 4MB mem
Always wondered why I couldnt quite get up the score card  on Futuremark Advantage, usually in the 9,700 3D Mark region.

Tonight I made some changes.
Enter setup at start. Have always had HPET enabled (High Precision Event Timer) and APIC disabled(Advance Programmable Interupt Controller).
HPET is a timing hardware for Multimedia and other time sensitive applications. If disabled the APIC timer is used.

So.! disabled HPET,enabled APIC.  Much quicker response and better graphics, my score on Futuremark increased to over 11,000

Fastest CPU mark is 31,669 and mine was29,004
Unfortuneatly  on graphics I felll well short. 9869 compared to 44,930.
Considering they were pro`s  with 965 extreme edition CPU andGTX295 GPU and usps trackingshowbox
only 2MB Memory . ;D

So, never mind the big boys. Why is there such a difference between APIC and HPET?  i`m still
Can some of you computer folk add some help. tks
General Discussion / Adreno GPU architecture details (vs. Mali)
« Last post by ryantyler on January 20, 2020, 03:25:58 am »
I'm trying to research the actual architecture of the Adreno GPUs (specifically the Adreno 540) to figure out what kinds of techniques to avoid and which to lean on, and I'm finding surprisingly little details available on the internet.

I'm familiar with the PowerVR architecture, and Realtime Rendering has a great write-up of the internals of the Mali GPUs, but I can't see anything specific to the Adreno chips. I'm guessing they're tile-based since they're mobile GPUs, but that's as far as I've got.

To be clear, I'm not looking for specs or speed comparisons, but details of immediate vs. tiled, how it handles discard, HiZ, partial renders, resolves, etc.
General Discussion / Bit Che screen format changed. What do I do to correct it?
« Last post by jaysonmonroe on January 20, 2020, 03:20:23 am »
Chip and all,

   This might be a setting key I hot by accident.  Without my wanting it,  the Name of the torrent column has gone from screen left to screen right-- flipped opposite of what it usually is and has been forever. fetlife vshare

How can I correct it?
Bugs & Feature Requests / Save Torrent As Bug
« Last post by Maddy7 on January 17, 2020, 07:56:02 pm »
Hello everyone,,

When you try to save a torrent with a name identical to one you allready have, Bit Che oversaves the previous one.

I have saved a torrent named Example.torrent. I now find the same torrent with another tracker, and save it as well. When I do this Bit Che does not detect that I allready have a file named example.torrent, and just overwrites the old one, causing me to loose that data.
General Discussion / Fetch me a pint of Boddies,slave
« Last post by Maddy7 on January 17, 2020, 07:54:28 pm »
Just for Billy.
Lego Mindstorms
Brainy toy

Domestic robots are the future, so they say. But why wait for the future? Start building bots today, with this cool custom robot kit from Lego.

You can use the Mindstorms kit to make anything your imagination can, er, imagine. You can create motorized masterpieces of your own or recreate designs from a loyal army of on line builders – everything from a room guard to a robotic golfer.

With light, noise, touch and ultrasound sensors letting your creation make sense of its surroundings, precise control is a doddle. You program the bot’s movements on your PC – telling it, for instance, to move forwards until its sensors detect an obstacle. Then you upload your commands to your slave's cyberebral cortex via USB or Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth also means your mechanized minion can exchange programmes with other automatons. What's more, Lego promises you'll soon be able to control your bots with a mobile phone.
Piecing together the parts to create a truly magnificent mechanoid is not for the technically clueless – it takes effort and thought. However, if you're eager to do a little tinkering, there's nothing to stop your dreams of a robot army becoming reality. Exterminate!

Price: £170

General Discussion / Re: Any Windows P2P client that always works with DHT?
« Last post by Sperling on January 16, 2020, 06:34:00 pm »
BitTorrent is a protocol created by Bram Cohen derived from the Gnutella concept, but primarily designed to distribute large computer files over the Internet and permit WEB integration, in fact it aimed to be a substitute for the old centralized HTTP downloads, not a full P2P network PrepaidGiftBalance Visa
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