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General Discussion / How to choose the best topic for your essay?
« Last post by Jacob2020 on Today at 05:34:13 am »
How to choose the best topic for your essay?

Sometimes the hardest decision is the one that seems to be the easiest in the beginning. When a teacher gives the students a task to choose a topic themselves, everyone thinks they are lucky, they can pick up a topic they like. However, it is not always true. Sometimes, choosing a good essay topic can turn into a real nightmare. Why? Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of having the assigned topic instead of the one that you have to find yourself.
Advantages of having an essay topic assigned by a teacher
It is a good one
You don’t have to ponder whether a topic for your essay is good or not. Your teacher has approved it. It is like having the blessing from the supreme forces.
It satisfies your subject
Your teacher will not assign you a topic which doesn’t have a connection to the subject you learn. The provided topic will be 100% credible.
Your teacher likes it
It may sound strange, but you have more chances to get a high grade if you write about something your teacher likes. Besides, there are very few of teachers who will assign you a topic that they hate.
Disadvantages of searching a topic yourself
How to pick the one?
You will find hundreds of essay topics, but which one is better? This answer can give you only a teacher. Choosing a topic yourself you always risk not to pick up a good one.
Your teacher may be unsatisfied with your choice
You may find a credible topic, but not too interesting for your teacher. He would tell you something like “I expected you would choose a more complex topic, this one is too easy for you”. In this case forget about the highest grade, even if you provide a perfectly written paper.
You spend extra time
Instead of working on your paper, first you need to spend a couple of hours to find an essay topic. It doesn’t a lot you may say. However, if you have only 6 hours to write a paper, these two hours can separate you from a good grade. Time always matters, every minute when you write your assignment.
Where to find a solution?
To cope with this problem once for all, you can use an assistance of somebody who will search topics for you. That will be fast and you will save your time, but be ready to pay for such type of service. Another option is to visit a website like where you can find lots of essay topics. This huge database includes hundreds of approved topics. This method will save your money and time. At worst, you will spend about 10 minutes to pick up a good topic for your essay. Nevertheless, your essay will not be rejected by a teacher because it is not good enough. A high grade is guaranteed if you use one of the essays that you can find on the website like this.
Music - Movies - TV / Film per l'anima e per te, il cinema italiano
« Last post by martincole on Today at 02:30:32 am »
Il regista sul set assume la stessa posizione della testa esaminatore nella prova di idoneità. Come percepisce film italiani per se stessi e quando si guarda?
General Discussion / Re: Covid
« Last post by Wieyse on Today at 12:36:54 am »
Do zinc and vitamin C block the Covid-19 virus?

Well, it doesn't block this virus but it helps the immune system to fight. Except for these vitamins, I also take vitamin D3, B12, A to support all the body functions including immunity. By the way, I can recommend a good online pharmacy. I am sure it's actual nowadays. Canada drugs direct is the best one.
General Discussion / Covid
« Last post by Qarco on Today at 12:18:05 am »
Do zinc and vitamin C block the Covid-19 virus?
General Discussion / Re: Trying to find a reliable writing service?
« Last post by Creedy on Yesterday at 08:12:06 pm »
Thank you very much. This is what I need right now. A uni assignment help would come in handy in every time of the year, especially for students that have struggled with writing essays or any other types of paperwork. Will this company provides me with quality solutions? I want to know more about it. Do you have a link or something?
Offbeat Relish / The IT sphere job
« Last post by Creedy on October 16, 2020, 01:49:28 am »
I am looking for some job in the IT-sphere. Do you know some guys that are working in this sphere? I just want to discuss some aspects
Apple has revealed the chip that will power its new 2019 iPhones: the A13 Bionic. And as you%u2019d expect, the company is wasting no time in explaining that it%u2019s the most powerful silicon ever to grace the inside of a smartphone %u2014 just as it has every year for the past three years. But if you care about battery life, you%u2019ll want to pay attention.

%u201CThe A13 Bionic is the fastest CPU ever in a smartphone,%u201D Apple said onstage, adding that it also has %u201Cthe fastest GPU in a smartphone,%u201D too. Initially, it only provided these vague, unlabeled graphs for comparison:

But later in the presentation, Apple dropped some bombshells %u2014 it says the A13 Bionic is also the most power efficient chip it%u2019s ever made by up to 40 percent, helping provide up to four extra hours of battery life for the new iPhone 11 Pro and up to five hours for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It has hundreds of voltage gates and thousands of clock gates that can shut off power to parts of the chip when it%u2019s not using them.
General Discussion / Re: Ever run into an RAR Movie File with a Password?
« Last post by JulieBurgess on October 13, 2020, 08:46:23 pm »
I often encounter RAR archives with passwords both in the bittorrent world and off download servers like rapidshare etc.
They are legitimate good quality archives from reputable seeders.

In the case of sourcing from a download server the password is usually in the WalgreensListens text from where you get rar-file links from.
For bittorrent - right-click on the bit-Che search result entry and surf to the source page. There you should see the description text and often feedback comments as well. Look for the password there!
ThePirateBay is usually very good for these.

Viruses are 99% of the time contained in software install.exe or setup.exe files, where the suspect made a 'wrapper' around the original .exe file which unpacks and executes the virus before unpacking the original.
Any good antivirus shoud detect this and give a warning either when the .exe file is 'un-rar'ed' and/or when you run it.

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