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Bit Che - Script Engine 3.5 - Script Status Error Messages
« on: January 18, 2015, 02:09:21 am »
Connection Errors:
Manually check your internet connection and verify you can reach the remote site in your web browser.

!### = HTTP Response Error Number provided by the web server of the given site.
    !404 = HTTP Error 404: Page Not Found.
                (Check the Script URLs).

!TO = Connection Time Out. Normally a temporary issue. Could be either the server is over loaded, problem with your internet connection/provider, etc. Try again in a few minutes.

!NC = No Connection. Similar to a Time Out error, except BC received an error trying to make a connection to the remote server. Usually this indicates the problem is with your internet connection/provider. Try again in a few minutes.

!BR = Bad HTTP Request. The URL given to BC to connect to is not valid. If this error is seen after a Script is processing a code section, then the Script either parsed the data wrong and built an invalid HTTP request, or the website itself provided bad data. Either way, the Script may need to be updated.

Script Processing Errors:

!FH = Script 'Find' Halt  (The Script stopped because it did not find some text it was expecting. Usually this means either no results or bad html page)

Login or User Account Errors:

!LE = Login Error, could not login. Manually check your account credentials and update Bit Che stored account info.
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