Author Topic: Gmail Drive Config 1.0 build 6  (Read 26371 times)

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Gmail Drive Config 1.0 build 6
« on: July 22, 2006, 11:39:00 am »
Here is a thread for discussion of Gmail Drive Config:
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Re: Gmail Drive Config 1.0 build 6
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2009, 07:29:17 am »
My computer needed to be formatted so I've downloaded the Gmail Drive Tool earlier this week. Offcourse I've tried more then once and still after many many tries it errorized almost constanly, the upload was verrrrrrrryyyy slow and even a limit to the lenght of the path!!!

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Re: Gmail Drive Config 1.0 build 6
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2009, 03:42:04 am »
Does this app support connections to multiple different gmail accounts at once, or just one at a time.  I tried to tinker with it for a moment but could only get it to have one drive at a time actually active, and each account is treated as a separate logical drive.  Is that the intent of this app (and a limitation google has placed on simultaneous connections from 1 person) or can(or could) it handle multiple accounts at once.  If it could, you could make this app -soo- much more by merging all the accounts into one logical drive (aside from just a virtual drive of any size).  From here break large files into chunks and upload them to different accounts(want to upload faster?  Just add more accounts and open more connections.  Same goes for faster downloads.  Effectively upload and download data as fast as your connection can handle from anywhere to anywhere)  You show these chunks on the gmailFS as just the one logical file they all came from, but as you're breaking it into chunks and naming said chunks that shouldn't be hard at all.  You're already abstracting gmail attachments to files, what's one more layer of abstraction.

Want to share data with a group of friends? make a list of account names/pw's to share and you can all upload to and download from a shared drive.  Ideally make it so you can share lists easily(maybe even email them & allow them to be added with a confirmation window next time you sync with the account)
Adding more accounts and distributing chunks to those accounts or backing up data you've uploaded is easier than with most types of online storage solutions: simply forward what you've got uploaded someplace elsewhere, either some chunks to a new account to allow opening more connections to grab the same file or even forwarding everything to some backup set of email addy's.

If gmail somehow limits how many connections you're allowed to have open at once, could some sort of proxy service help(slap in a list of free anonymous proxies and each connection to gmail appears to be coming from a diff IP, would add a pile of latency, but enough connections and you should still get good data throughput.)


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Re: Gmail Drive Config 1.0 build 6
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2012, 05:12:10 pm »
So is this project absolutely dead with no hope of resurrection?

I ask because I set up my GMail Drive with multiple accounts using GMail Drive Config last week and it was absolutely stellar. Flawless! Five accounts all showing and working perfectly at one time.

Unfortunately, I had a major corruption (unrelated) and had to reinstall Windows 7 from fresh. Now I can't get Gmail Drive Config to setup more than one account. Any attempt at a third account in Gmail Drive Config merely replaces the second account, which never really gets setup in the shell to begin with. Really bummed as this was just about the best tweak/mod I've ever had on my machine.

After continuing to play with this stuff, I finally figured out how to get multiple accounts working. I'll post it up here just in case some other user has the same issue and finds his/herself here seeking answers. I believe the key errors I was making were:

    Not running in administrator mode
    Not specifying a unique label each time
    Not closing and re-opening everything after each new account addition

Also, now that I have it working, I am definitely going to be promoting this because it is excellent! I hope that is ok. &nbsp;

Step by step as tested on Windows 7 SP1:
  • Install Gmail Drive Shell Extension
  • Double click on the new mounted drive "GMail Drive"
  • Enter the credentials for one of your GMail accounts
  • Sign in and let it authorize
  • Download Gmail Drive Config from Convivea
  • Right-click the gmail_drive_config file and 'Run as administrator'
  • Click Add Drive
  • Enter a unique Label and another GMail user account name
  • You should receive a pop-up confirmation that reads: &nbsp; &nbsp;<DllRegisterServer in C:\Windows\system32\ShellExt\GMFS004.dll succeeded.> &nbsp; or something similar.
  • Close all explorer windows
  • Re-open an explorer window
  • The new drive will appear under Computer after the last drive
  • Double-click this new drive to enter the password and login
  • Close all explorer windows...
  • Repeat steps 6-12 to add up 999 Gmail accounts

Relax and Enjoy all that extra storage goodness! &nbsp;;D
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