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Hey guys.
I was poking around with Trackers and faced a problem. As you may know, the Tracker List Box can't be resized.
Well, the downside of this is that the names of some trackers can't be read completely.
See here, for example,

I request that the Tracker List Box should be made resizable or at least wider enough to read the complete names of trackers.

Hey Guys!
I thought I should try the "open searches in new tab" option. I checked it and this was the result,
I searched for something in a tab and when the search stopped, I searched for another thing. But the 2nd search didn't open in "new tab" even though I had selected the "open searches in new tab" option. It opened on top of the 1st search.
I restarted Bit Che and still the same result.
I request for this bug to be looked into.

First, I've been testing the new beta build and I noticed that the "script groups" are grey in color, which actually look quite dull to me.
See here,

In my opinion, the groups should stand out and should be bold or underlined. A background color may also be good.
For example, this is a suggestion but it could be made better,

Also, a "SPACE" or "BLANK LINE" or a "SEPARATOR" of some sort  before the GROUP can help with differentiating the group from previous sites.
For example, Like this,

Secondly, I noticed that whatever you write in group name, it always shows as uppercase alphabets. I request that it should also be allowed to show lowercase alphabets as well because everybody doesn't like uppercase characters.
If this is implemented, the user can choose to display uppercase or lowercase alphabets when he wants.

Hey Folks!
I got my Bit Che+ today and I was experimenting with it and noticed that in order to open a query in a new tab, you have to click the > button besides the Search button.
See here for example,

This is a very nice feature but I think that there should be a hotkey for opening the query in a new tab.
Just like we press "Enter" to search in the current tab, we could press "Ctrl + Enter" or similar to open the query in a new tab.

Bugs & Feature Requests / FEATURE REQUEST: Tab Size is very Small
« on: December 05, 2014, 09:40:17 pm »
Hello Guys!
The tab size of search query is very small.
See below for example.

As you can see, I searched for "game of thrones s01e02 hdtv eztv" but the tab only shows "game of thr..".

The size of tab should be according to the length of the search query or at least it should be bigger than the current size.
An option to control the tab size according to "word length" or "pixel length" would be even better.

I request for this feature to be added in the next stable/beta version.


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