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Scripts & Development / Re: Dead TPB
« on: February 14, 2015, 05:30:46 am »
It helps to follow a news site like

Most of the administrators and moderators have been locked out.  When it reopened it was over run with fakes and crap.  They're trying a report system and bot analysis, but who know if that will work.

In fact it looks like most of the original TPB people are not involved and are making noise like they may open their own competing site.

Also, to be clear, the only real official TPB is the .SE site.  The rest are mirrors or scams.
How about
It has many of the blog posts that were lost and almost all of the original features.

Hey there AOK.
I respect your opinion about making Bit Che usable for all the trackers.
I also admit my mistake of not understanding what you meant at first but after reading what you stated above. I totally get it.

The trackers I mentioned can't be reached by everybody as they are elite ones (according to them).
The trackers you mentioned are the ones that most people use and should be considered to make scripts for.

I certainly didn't mention that Bit Che's development should be stopped. In fact, I help out with the beta versions and submit every bug I detect no matter how small it is.

Let's end this discussion with the fact that we both do support Bit Che and want it to be used by many people which can only be achieved if it has a wide script support which can't be done without users who code the scripts and we do need a community that will be engaged in its development as you suggested.

Cheers! :D

Bit Che isn't associated with any tracker and the scripts we have were created with the help of users here who are members of the trackers. So, the chances of Bit Che being usable for all trackers are not very high. :(

As for Gazelle being shared, it is being used by BroadcastTheNet, PixelHD, AwesomeHD,, PassThePopcorn, and lztr. These are considered to be the best trackers in their respective categories. The reason that Gazelle is used by top tier trackers is that it is highly customizable and is very easy to work with. It can be bent according to the specific needs of a tracker.

If you want, I can provide a whole list of Gazelle based trackers along with category they fall in.


I have a suggestion on additional INFO here about creating a new script. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Most of the torrent trackers use similar servers like these.
If there were a few TEMPLATE scripts that we could check and then use to try to customize and develop towards each unique torrent site would be a great starting point.

Don't you think?
Most of the sites actually use Gazelle. XBT is use much less than Gazelle. On top of that, every tracker customizes the code and have different query code. So, in order to maintain each tracker, one has to be a member of all of them to make and test the script.

All of the current Bit Che scripts in the default pack for 3.0 can be found here:

Do all of these scripts self-update and automatically self-add to the client (Bit Che 3.5 registered) ABOUT -> Update Scripts ?
If NOT please could you post a link to manual installation of additional scripts here on the forum. Thanks in advance.
Yes AOK, they are automatically self-added to the client when an update is available.
But they are not self-updated. They are updated (by admins and maybe users) when something about the site changes, or there's a bug in the current version of the script.

Try this url:
It open the site and on the site, IPTorrents links to the official domain.

The domain is valid but it has ISP restrictions in UK. Its written on the front page if you login from the .com domain. See here:

Here is an updated version of IPTorrents.
#1 - Home URL from "1=" to "1=". Home URL was incorrect.
#2 - Login URL from "login=" to "login=". Domain has changed.

Scripts & Development / Re: please a script for this site
« on: January 20, 2015, 01:33:56 am »
please a script for this site "" and this site ""
Someone has already done a script for BTDigg. Here it is:,2402.0.html.
You just need to look in the right section of the forums.

Well you can resize the name column.
But then the status tab becomes small and we become unable to read it completely and we can't resize both tabs one ofter the other frequently.

Hey guys.
I was poking around with Trackers and faced a problem. As you may know, the Tracker List Box can't be resized.
Well, the downside of this is that the names of some trackers can't be read completely.
See here, for example,

I request that the Tracker List Box should be made resizable or at least wider enough to read the complete names of trackers.

Hey Guys!
I thought I should try the "open searches in new tab" option. I checked it and this was the result,
I searched for something in a tab and when the search stopped, I searched for another thing. But the 2nd search didn't open in "new tab" even though I had selected the "open searches in new tab" option. It opened on top of the 1st search.
I restarted Bit Che and still the same result.
I request for this bug to be looked into.

First, I've been testing the new beta build and I noticed that the "script groups" are grey in color, which actually look quite dull to me.
See here,

In my opinion, the groups should stand out and should be bold or underlined. A background color may also be good.
For example, this is a suggestion but it could be made better,

Also, a "SPACE" or "BLANK LINE" or a "SEPARATOR" of some sort  before the GROUP can help with differentiating the group from previous sites.
For example, Like this,

Secondly, I noticed that whatever you write in group name, it always shows as uppercase alphabets. I request that it should also be allowed to show lowercase alphabets as well because everybody doesn't like uppercase characters.
If this is implemented, the user can choose to display uppercase or lowercase alphabets when he wants.

Hey Folks!
I got my Bit Che+ today and I was experimenting with it and noticed that in order to open a query in a new tab, you have to click the > button besides the Search button.
See here for example,

This is a very nice feature but I think that there should be a hotkey for opening the query in a new tab.
Just like we press "Enter" to search in the current tab, we could press "Ctrl + Enter" or similar to open the query in a new tab.

Bit Che - Info & Updates / Re: Bit Che 3.0 Promotion Release Party
« on: January 01, 2015, 05:34:36 pm »
Thanks a lot. Got my Bit Che unlocked and I simply love the new v3.5. :D

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